Thursday, December 20, 2007

Outcome of Cavan Grassroots meeting

Although the turnout was significantly lower than last week's meeting, around 100 people took time out from their Christmas shopping to attend the anti-pay-for-play meeting in Cavan last night.

Significantly four counties: Armagh, Fermanagh, Derry and Tyrone, will all work on motions for Congress. It's not yet clear whether these motions will outrightly oppose the scheme, or simply call for a debate on the matter. 

That is the very least all GAA members deserve. It's a critical issue for the future of the GAA, so a sensible debate is required among all the GAA's members, not just the hierarchy. Every member's voice should count. And it's a good time of year to make that happen. A lot of clubs are holding their annual meetings at this time of year, so bring the issue up in your club, have a sensible discussion and establish your club's position, which can then be brought forward to the County Convention. That way, when Congress meets in April, the position of the majority will be heard.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Grassroots GAA Meeting in Cavan tonight!

Don’t Forget Cavan!

The meeting in Cavan organised by gaels from Longford and north Leinster goes ahead tonight (Wednesday) night as follows;

Wednesday 19 December
Cavan Crystal Hotel

We know the week that’s in it … and the demands that’s on people’s time. But pay-for-play is the agenda item for GAA people … so if you can, come along tonight.

You’ll be out the door by 9.00pm. Can you give 90 minutes to defend a core GAA principle?

DRA … Drastic Action?
When we set out to oppose pay-for-play we agreed to do it through the GAA system … and to all the while play the ball, not the man.

The DRA is part of the GAA system so we’re using it.

The appeal has been lodged and is being supported/developed by a number of true GAA “legal-eagles” … all on that real GAA basis, ie “No Charge!”

As of now there’s been no feedback from the DRA but we’ll keep you informed re developments.

A Flowing Tide?
As of Monday night, the pay-for-play arrangements approved by Central Council have been either directly opposed or seriously questioned at or by the Clare; Cork; Derry; Down; Fermanagh; Mayo; Tipperary; and Tyrone Conventions or County Committee meetings.

This story isn’t over yet!