Saturday, May 10, 2008

The GAA to go "Green"

At last. A GAA headline that we can get excited about.

The GAA and ESB have announced a major environmental initiative-Cúl Green-aimed to make Croke Park a carbon-free stadium.

It's great to see the GAA taking the lead and raising awareness. For once they are ahead of the game!

Maybe they could do like Manchester City and install a wind turbine that supplys energy to the stadium and to thousands of nearby homes. Sustainable energy, a significant contribution to tackling to global warming and a means of buying-off the objections of the Croke Park Residents Association!

An Spailpin v. Martin Breheny. No contest

Read An Spailpin's preface to the 2008 Championship and then read Martin Breheny's piece on the same subject.

I hope that you, like me, will be watching the GAA An Spailpin describes this summer, not craving for the Sky Sports version that Martin Breheny would prefer to see created.

GAA Money from Opening Croke Park

Although GAA HQ will not divulge how much money they are giving to Antrim GAA to build their GAA centre of excellence at least it is a sign that the they are delivering on their promise to the grassroots.

Of course, this news is not exciting enough for the Indo or the Irish Times so it was left to BBC Sport Gaelic Games to report it.

It does make one wonder, however, why GAA HQ cannot publish the sum of money they are contributing and make a bit of noise over their contributions to such projects. It's an opportunity missed to generate postive coverage and show what the GAA, unlike soccer, rugby etc. does with its money.