Tuesday, January 8, 2008

GAA Investment in Grassroots

"A good graphic can tell a story, bring a lump to the throat, even change policies".
I'm not sure the simple pie chart below will have such a profound effect, but this one is worth the attention of all those interested in GAA. It's taken from the official match programme of the All-Ireland Final 2007. 

Of the 80,000 or so people that attended that match it's not possible to estimate how many read the article "GAA Announce Significant Investment for Grassroots" on page 97 and saw how their money is reinvested in Gaelic Games. Although it is likely that a large majority of those who bought the match programme read a lot more of the programme than they planned to given the quality of the match, not enough people will have seen the figures. As members of the GAA we should all receive this information and as the PR spokesperson Danny Lynch should wear the figures out distributing them to journalists. 

Why? Because protecting the GAA's amateur status protects this reinvestment in the game. Pay to see games in Croke Park and you get to see your money again in your local GAA clubhouse or new all weather pitch. It's a virtuous circle - a cycle of development and redevelopment. 

The figures below are calculated on the basis of a family of two adults and two children attending an All Ireland  Semi-Final in 2007.

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