Monday, November 10, 2008

GAA can't compete, shouldn't try to compete

Who's the Irish Independent journalist writing under the alias ""? Any ideas?

He seems to be implying today that as long as GAA remains amateur it won't be able to compete for young talent with Aussie Rules, soccer or rugby.  

And how exactly does "the.couch" think Gaelic could "compete" as a career choice if it did become professional? 

The GAA will never be able to match the earnings or marketing exposure of these professional sports. Surely, if GAA did become professional then those talented enough to choose whether to continue playing Gaelic for a few grand or to play one of the other sports professionally for pots of filthy lucre are then going to make their choice based on financial considerations. Soccer players, for one, are not known for their loyalty in choosing clubs over money.  

So how would the GAA be any better off than it is now?


FP said...

Why are GAA people so holier-than-thou?

And isn't GAA moving towards professionalism anyway?

The sooner there's a bit of honesty on this issue the better.

ronanmul said...
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ronanmul said...

Thanks for leaving a comment FootballPress.

Point taken, "filthy lucre" was a very bad choice of words.

Sadly, yes, it does look like the GAA is moving towards professionalism.

A lot of managers in GAA get paid and some players receive incentives to join clubs. I don't like it and don't condone it. But shamateurism, however dishonest, is still better than professionalism for the GAA. It's much better that the vast majority benefit from the revenues generated rather than a small few.