Friday, March 14, 2008

GAA goes back to the future

The GAA has gone back to the future with its new brand identity, which was revealed yesterday and will be officially launched at this year’s Congress in April.

The new logo (bottom right), we are told, embraces the future, while being mindful of the rich culture and heritage of the Association’s past. First impressions are that the traditional logo has had a Trinny & Susannah type makeover, if you like: the outcome isn't radically different (it can't be) than what was there before, it's just dressed-up to look more modern and appealing. I find the extreme makeovers repugnant so am happy that it's still the same, with a touch of old, GAA.

The GAA has indicated that all other marks, logos and symbols are now redundant. So this means goodbye to the traditional logo of the GAA. Out too, goes the corporate logo, introduced in the 1990s (anyone know in which year?) for branding and merchandise. I never liked that one, so won’t be sad to see it go, although I liked the cameleon quality it had to match each team's colours. The Royal's are proudly displayed here.

Most intriguing though yesterday's announcement hinted that the new identity reflects the future direction of the association, which will be outlined in the forthcoming GAA Strategic Plan. Given the current climate, that will be interesting to read.


Damian said...

I'd guess the corporate logo was launched in 1995.

I remember it being on the Clare jersey that year (they wear the same colours as my club).

I liked it and thought it was very clever and I'll be sad to see it go.

I can take or leave the new one, but it fits in with Croker's new approach of reclaiming the GAA brand.

For example, this year's championship will be known as the GAA senior football championship rather than the Bank of Ireland Senior football championship.

The corporate logo is more conceptual that the Celtic Cross logo, but there's no doubting that the latter is a GAA symbol while the former could be anything.

All that said, I'm curious to know how much it cost and who designed it. It looks like something a secondary school student could have come up with.

ronanmul said...

Thanks for your comment Damian

According to An Fear Rua The Brand Union are the consultants behind the new look, which am sure, despite it's schoolish simplicity (I agree with you on that), wasn't cheap.