Sunday, March 23, 2008

From Aussie Rules back to GAA

After the recent ballyhoo over AFL recruitment in Ireland and the dark prophesies of a mass exodus of the GAA's best young players to Australia it's interesting to see that Tadhg Kennelly has confirmed his plans to return to Ireland next year with the intention of winning an All-Ireland with Kerry.

Setanta declares this a sensational revelation. In any Tadhg Kennelly interview I've ever read he's always expressed his desire to return to Ireland win an All-Ireland with Kerry, as his father Tim did, so the extent of their scoop is a little exaggerated.

Tadhg's sacrifice for the glory of an All-Ireland medal is to be admired. He's going to give-up the successful career he's built with the Syndey Swans--along with the glorious sunshine and the quality lifestyle downunder.

A brave move and one we should admire. I can't help thinking though that it it is Kerry he is returning to, so the odds of doing a celebratory jig in the Kingdom's colours are not exactly stacked against him. Returning and winning Sam with Mayo, now that would be heroic.

Still, fair play to Tadhg.

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Anonymous said...

It might take him a while to adapt, but he would be a good addition to Kerry, maybe to strengthen the defence.