Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday Tribune: Some balance

Unfortunately, I only came across this article - The buck stops here - today. It was written by Kieran Shannon and appeared in the Sunday Tribune last Sunday week.

[Dear Sunday Tribune - not that I expect anyone from the Sunday Tribune to read this blog - Please update your website with the most recent articles sooner! You may also want to think about revamping your website, 'cos right now it's brutal.]

The reason why I would like to draw attention to this piece, even at this late stage (late, not only because it is over a week old, but also, as Eugene McGee points out, the "grants debate" is now effectively dead), is because it's an evenhanded look at the issue, which makes two main points.

Firstly, that the crux of the whole debate comes down to struggle or balance between "collectivism v. individualism" and so the GPA and Of One Belief both have valid points of view which should be listened to. This attitude contrasts starkly with the invective directed at Mark Conway and Of One Belief, principally in the Irish Independent. I find it hard to understand the level of scorn directed personally at Conway, rather than making any effort to understand where Of One Belief was coming from.

Secondly, that the issue was a "big one" and should, therefore, be properly debated, as other big issues, like the Ban and the opening of Croke Park, were. Alas, we have been denied that opportunity. That's something else which I fail to understand--Did Croke Park not consult the lawyers properly and so fail to understand that a "grant" was detrimental to the GAA's amateur status, or did they deliberately muddle it up so as to ensure the "grants" safe passage?

Either way, Croke Park, Nicky Brennan and Paric Duffy have let GAA members down badly.

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